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Remember when you were young and would play rhyming games with your mates?

Fill ... Mill ... Grill ... Chill ... Hill ... Will ... etc etc

No?  Well moving quickly on, ahem(!) ... we still like playing this game but it bugs us no word rhymes with orange.


Yes, I know what you are thinking, "... but I've heard Def Leppard do it in one of their songs!" ... but you'd be wrong, they just can't talk (sing?) properly!

Soooooo, what we want to do is to change this sad fact and this is where you come in. Basically we've invented (haha!) a word and we want it included in the Dictionary.

The word in question is BORINGE and its actual definition (as decided by cynic) is 'something that looks like it has the right characteristics but is actually flawed'.

Therefore, Tom Cruise is BORINGE because he looks like a handsome man but is actually only 3ft 5" tall. Allegedly.

So if you want to help get BORINGE published (and be able to brag you invented a word) please SIGN HERE ... we [apparently] need about 300,000 people!

(Please note this has nothing to do with the fact we're jealous Charlie Berges and Andrew Sargant came up with 'Brandlomaniac' and 'Word Of Thumb'. Oh alright, that's exactly why we're doing it!)

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