We’re angry that many companies treat the public like morons!!! We’re angry advertising agencies inflict painful commercials on the world justified by a few people at a research group who have been deemed an ‘accurate segmentation of the general population’. We’re angry companies talk ‘loyalty’ but most would be hard pressed to know what it means. We’re angry companies are blatantly attempting to turn the World into frightened-consumers where if they don’t own-this, try-that, smell-like-this or look-like-that they are branded 2nd class citizens. We’re angry products are upgraded in the blink of an eye. We’re angry the brand experience rarely meets the brand promise.

We’re angry ‘customer service’ is something you read about in history books. We’re angry brands are more about ‘blending in’ than ‘standing out’. We’re angry most advertisements are boring, stupid or have absolutely no idea in them. We’re angry ‘average’ is becoming a defined business direction. We’re angry the poor person in the street is regarded simply as a ‘walking wallet’ for a company's balance sheet. We’re angry communication companies don’t seem to care about people … the men and women of the World who spend 8 hours a day working in a job they can’t stand just to pay for a bloody air freshener they’ve been told they have to own.

Got it? We’re seriously pissed!