Seriously, we love our clients, they keep us learning, exploring and challenging when they ask us to help with their business issues … from product development through to advertising and almost everything in-between.
Some have stuck with us, some have gone away. The ones who left said it was nothing personal, but they’ve not called us since. This makes us sad, we thought we had a relationship. A real, caring, loving relationship. Oh well.

Anyway, some of the people we have helped (or still are helping) include …
Dr Martens                          Virgin Atlantic
Nike                                      Bang and Olfusen

Sony Electronics                 JJJ Radio

Yahoo!                                 Tango

StarHub                               Smarties/Nestle

Diet Coke                             Singapore Tourism

CitySearch                           HMV Music

EMI Records                         Dreamworks Entertainment

Lonely Planet                       TVR Cars

Russian Space Authority    Tomb Raider/Core Games

Telstra Bigpond                   Barclays Bank (Students)
IMAX Cinemas                     Harris Coffee

British M.O.D.                       Pot Noodle

Guinness                             Atari Games

Tabasco Sauce                   Yellow Pages

Mount Hotham Skiing            Powerade

N.A.S.A. (seriously)             Egg Bank

Hummer Cars                       Bundy Rum

News Limited                       Great Barrier Reef Authority

Alpha Magazine                   Midori Liqueur

MTV (TV / Film)                    Apple

Adidas                                 Tiger Beer

IKEA                                     Discovery Channel (Asia)

Mini (USA)                            BBC America

Victoria Bitter (Australia)     Schweppes (Australia)

TNT (Asia)                            United Nations (Vision Group)

Prada                                    Diesel

Google (Worldwide)             Piaggio (Vietnam)

Ben & Jerry's                        Chupa Chups

… obviously we can’t go into specifics (confidentiality and all that!) but hopefully you can see we’re not the tin-pot outfit you probably thought we were. Amazing isn't it?!

Seriously, if you want to know specifically what we've done (and why) click here and we'll get right back to you with 'public-domain-friendly' info. (ie: stuff we can say without getting sued!)