cynic is no more.

We didn't go bust or implode, we got adopted by the 'do no evil' mob - doing similar, yet different stuff [you can take the people out of adland, but you can't take the stupid adland phrases out of the people] - so the purpose of this website is to be a museum for 7 years of positive mayhem, unless one day we decide to dust off the cobwebs and start up the whole social experiment again.

To everyone and anyone who was involved with us in some way, we thank you and hope you continue doing what we spent years trying to brainwash you into believing.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane:



(updated more often than this site. honest!)


(amazingly, over 186,000 sad gits already have!)


Welcome to cynic’s website.

If you've stumbled upon us thinking we're a 'conspiracy' website, sorry to disappoint you, but we're not.               (Click Here To 'Not' Make Your Visit Totally Worthless!)

What we are is an internationally recognised, multi-award winning* advertising (planning) agency that starts conversations with the general public. How do we start these conversations? Well if we told you that, there’d be no point looking at the rest of this site would there!?

Anyway, this website is to give you a flavour of what we do … it certainly doesn’t go into masses of detail or feature ads. Its aim is to help you understand what cynic stands for and why we’re different to the ‘masses’.

If you want more information or want to see some of our work … from product development through to advertising campaigns … drop us a line and we’ll wing it over!


* Apologies for the shameful plug, it's pathetic but we can't help ourselves. It's called Ego-Tourette Syndrome!