We value opinions. Opinions from experts, opinions from the people we’re trying to ‘start conversations’ with, opinions from lovers and haters of our client, opinions from our strategic partners and more interestingly, opinions from people who have no experience in the specific category but are intelligent enough to be able to offer ‘food for thought’. (Vicars are a personal favourite but that could be because we’re trying to secure a seat ‘upstairs’ in our later life!)
We believe that often, the biggest insight is there isn’t one, well certainly not one worth spending millions of dollars on anyway! So on top of ‘normal’ research, we talk with Comedians, Forensic Profiling Specialists and/or Magazines (all partners of ours) to help understand what’s really going on in people heads.

Yes, research IS valuable but it is a GUIDE not a blueprint and far too many organisations take the findings as gospel, much to their cost! (This method also allows us to develop ideas in a collapsed timeframe so we can deliver initial concepts quicker than most companies take to make a cup-of-tea!)

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