Not many companies in advertising detail their rates and we’re not really different. Saying that, the way we charge is quite interesting. Basically we offer to tell you all the things you’re doing wrong for free. Yes, FREE!!! Nothing!
Yes, call us in and we’ll detail what we think is actually disconnecting you from the public … from your products and distribution through to your customer service and advertising ... and if it can be bettered, we’ll tell you about it.
Of course, if you want this 'improvement-information' then you're going to have to pay for it. Sorry, but we have mouths to feed and can’t do everything for free!

The good news is our costs are not ridiculous and we understand the value of ‘time’. OK, we’re not cheap, but by the same token we’re not into charging for things that don’t add value. Oh, and we’re certainly not into charging for every phonecall, photocopy or letter we write on your behalf either. We can’t see the benefit of having a cost structure like an accountancy firm when they are the industry most people ridicule for excessive fees.

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